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Finding inspiration in everything from chess games to Korean traditional music, composer Tim Johnson creates engaging, multi-dimensional musical experiences. Dr. Johnson is also a classical guitarist, most recently premiering his work for guitar and Korean janggu entitled: Guitar Sanjo: Open Wide. Other recent performances of Dr. Johnson's music include Bogie vs. Bacall for Pierrot ensemble (2012), performed by Ensemble Paramirabo in New York at the 2014 Mise-en Festival; Fortune Smiles for flute, percussion and electronics performed by Due East in 2013; Prelude, Turnaround and Happy Ending for oboe, string trio and percussion (2010), premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente; and Antyphony: Kasparov vs. Deep Blue for large ensemble, a finalist in the 2008 Alea III Competition. His co-commissioned electronic work Tensile Strength received "Honorary Prize" in the 2008 "Musica Nova" competition. Dr. Johnson is also a noted researcher in microtonality, and is currently helping the Kepler Quartet record Ben Johnston's music.

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Alea III

Searching for Sean Ison, performed by Quintet Attacca

Efflorescence, performed by Ensemble Mise-En


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